Sunday, February 28, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies & the weather

It's Girl Scout Cookie time again! We had a booth last Sunday and sold over 170 boxes in four hours. Same spot this Sunday, two and a half hours, only sold about 60-70 boxes :-< I figured we probably wouldn't do AS well as last week, but thought it would go a little better. Another troop that had a booth last Saturday (different location near us) sold 240! My second kid's troop's booth is next Saturday, at the location where that other troop did well. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Last Sunday was the first weekend for cookie booths; was warm (40s-50s), sunny, pretty much the first nice weekend since all that snow and before most people's cookies had been delivered. This Sunday was windy and chillier, sunny/cloudy, and lots of people have gotten their cookies delivered to their homes already. But we've had booths a few weeks into the cookie sale other years and have sold 100+, sometimes on cold days and sometimes on nice days. Neither rhyme nor reason...

That said, we have LOTS of cookies left, of all eight flavors!
Hopefully we'll get a lot of catchup orders but it looks like we'll need to do some walkabouts (go door-to-door with cookies in a wagon) or sign up for a third booth. And hopefully it'll be WARMER from here on out.