Friday, May 12, 2006

The Doll Lady of Sylacauga

This is the sort of person our children should aspire to be. Not financiers, not day traders, not people who try to win at everything.

For two decades, she has used her skills to make a library even friendlier for the children and staff who use it. How? By making dolls and artwork for the library.

What a doll! Sylacauga woman spends countless hours making dolls for B.B. Comer Library

Not everyone has as much time and skill as Christine Keay, but most of us have a little something we can do close to home. What have you done this year?

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~ Angi :) said...

I note that your post is a year old now, but, as a family member of Christine Keay (She's my aunt) I thought I'd let you know that she passed away Sept 2, 2007. My internet search of her life led me to your blogspot. Thanks for including her in your journaled thougths . . .